They find countless mysterious ways

They find countless mysterious ways

Ambrogio Alciati, 1914

“Separated lovers cheat absence by a thousand fancies which have their own reality.

They are prevented from seeing one another and they cannot write;

nevertheless they find countless mysterious ways of corresponding,

by sending each other the song of birds,

Frances MacDonald MacNair 1893

the scent of flowers,

the laughter of children,

the light of the sun,

the sighing of the wind,

Frederick Walker, 1871

and the gleam of the stars – all the beauties of creation.”

Edward Okun
Edward Okun (1872 – 1945) self-portrait with Butterfly

– Victor Hugo


I could light myself


“Inside me there was everything I had believed was outside. There was, in particular, the sun, light, and all colours. There were even the shapes of objects and the distance between objects. Everything was there and movement as well… Light is an element that we carry inside us and which can grow there with as much abundance, variety, and intensity as it can outside of us…I could light myself…that is, I could create a light inside of me so alive, so large, and so near that my eyes, my physical eyes, or what remained of them, vibrated, almost to the point of hurting…” – Jacques Lusseyran


Throw a Bridge..

Poetic analogy has in common with mystical analogy that it transgresses the deductive laws in order to make the mind apprehend the interdependence of two objects of thought situated on different planes, between which the logical functioning of the mind is unlikely to throw a bridge – André Breton


Image – Johfra (Leo)