Interior Portrait – Rainer Maria Rilke

You don’t survive in me
because of memories;
nor are you mine because
of a lovely longing’s strength.

What does make you present
is the ardent detour
that a slow tenderness
traces in my blood.

I do not need
to see you appear;
being born sufficed for me
to lose you a little less.

Rainer Maria Rilke


image: Moon Kissed — Endymion by Arthur Wardle RBI RBA, 1864-1949.


2 thoughts on “Interior Portrait – Rainer Maria Rilke

  1. It’s odd how these things come together, Steven! Sometimes an image will pop into my head when I read a certain phrase, or other times the words will be stuck in my head and then I see an image and something “clicks”. That’s what happened with this one! There’s definitely a Rilkean vibe in the Arthur Wardle Endymion. I like to imagine that people are visited by the same muses at different times, and that the muses are rewarded when we identify their anonymous endeavours! It feels like I’m recycling other people’s creativity and adding new or different flesh to the bones, but I like to think I’m being guided by the muses (that’s my excuse for not posting original work anyway!) 🙂


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